Grade School



Thanks to Larry White, Mike Murray and Connie Howell Kramer for the school photos.  If anyone has any other grade school photos, please send them to me so I can add them to this page.



Jarvis E. Bishop School






Grade 2, Mrs. Jensen


Grade 2, Mrs. Kirby


Row 1, #2 Janet Diaz, #3 Lou Gonzales,#5, Judy Hendrix, #6 Larry White, #9... Art Rodriquez

Row 2, #4, Ron Ince, #6, Gene DeLaCruz, #7, Bob Anaya,



Grade 3, Mrs. Hughes


Grade 4, Mrs. Smith


Grade 5, Miss Logan


Grade 6, Mrs. Wiedemann



Birthday party - July 24, 1956 ..
That's Judy Hendrix (Maselli) and Kathy Cole (Gee) in the lower right of the pic. My older sister, Kathy, and Judy's older sister Pat (SHS class of '64) are in the upper left of the pic. Ken Verdugo (SHS class of '69) and my younger sister, Betty, (stroller, SHS class of '73) are also in the pic. 
Photo from John Gomez's collection

Ellis School

Ellis School, Grade 1, Mrs. Macy



San Miguel


San Miguel, grade 2, Mrs. Smith


San Miguel, grade 3, Mrs Gholson





Morse School, Grade 5, Mrs. Richelderfer

Thank you Mike Murray, Sharon Miller Murray's husband, for the photo!



 Morse School, Grade 6, Mr Loyd