Class Reunion Survey


The 50th Reunion planning members are busy dusting off their notebooks and sharing memories from past reunions. We would like this to be a very special golden reunion. It is not too early to choose our venue and make some initial decisions.  We have posted a short survey asking a few questions to get us started.  We appreciate your time and input.  


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1)   * How sure are you that you will be attending the 50th reunion, likely in September 2017? Yes, absolutely going. Very much want to attend. Sorry, but unable to attend.

We realize that the reunion is over a year away but we have to reserve a venue fairly soon and need a rough estimate of those that may attend. We would appreciate your very best guess of attending.
2)   * Would you be interested in optional activities, golf, wine tasting, excursion of interest in the area? Any other ideas?

Optional activities could be arranged for Saturday during the day and/or Sunday? Costs would be in addition to reunion event.
3)   * On Friday night which option would you prefer: 1) Have an exclusive SHS area and appetier service and use hotel bar. Or 2) Have an exclusive SHS area only with no food or bartender? Or 3) Meeting in the lounge/bar of the hotel and NOT have an exclusive SHS area or casual dinner service?

Option #1 There would be an additional cost for the dinner, room/patio rental and bartender. Similar to past reunions.

Option #2 There would be a nominal cost for the room/patio rental.

Option #3 There would be no extra cost. However, you would be responsible for your own dinner at the restaurant of your choosing. We would also be sharing the bar/lounge with other hotel guests.