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 "Our friends are an important part of our lives.  Treasure the tears, treasure the laughter, but most importantly, treasure the memories"



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Photo, courtesy of Yvonne Gillingham Schwemmer, Class of 66


Photo courtesy of Yvonne Gillingham Schwemmer, Class of 66




Sandy Broome and Jim Moneyhun at graduation, 1967



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me..judy hendrix..sharon hart..bruce fuller..shirley cross..ron boselly...sadly, bruce killed in 68 in viet nam (submitted by Malcolm High)


december 66..back row: bob wissmath..kathy mcnew..our lovely bonnie..mike(where is he now) girlfriend from fremont high, sandy..bottom row: bill stouffer..his date kathy..pat thompson and his date amber (Submitted by Malcolm High)



Foreign Exchange Students, Lene Huusom and Viviane Campos




Bonnie Blanchard, Gary Blanchard's sister sent me this photo.  Me on the congo, Gary, and even my mom on the left.  So, that was then.  I don't even know who some of the other people are!!  (submitted by George Martin)



Senior Sneak Day - June 12, 1967    L to R, Mike Kolar, Bob Anaya, Pat Canup, Malcolm High, Ron Santos, Unidentified girl in red  Art Rodriquez and Mark Price